In this episode, host Jackie Woodside sits down with Sheila Clemenson, the founder and CEO of Transitions Coaching Services, to explore the profound journey from grief to growth.

Sheila Clemenson knows grief intimately. After losing her first husband, Grant, to ALS at a young age, she found herself engulfed in the depths of sorrow. But from the shattered pieces of her old life, Sheila forged a new purpose. As a certified coach and grief wellness professional, she now helps others navigate the challenging terrain of life transitions.

Sheila’s debut book, “Over the Rainbow: From the Depths of Grief to Hope,” is more than just a guide; it’s a heartfelt love letter from someone who has walked the path of grief and emerged stronger on the other side. Through her own journey, Sheila offers insights, tools, and a companion journal to aid others in their healing process.

Here’s what you will discover in this new podcast episode:

  • The Importance of Self-Care during the Grieving Process
  • The Ongoing Nature of Grief and Its Transformative Power
  • Understanding the Different Stages of Grief and Loss
  • Creating a Companion Journal to Navigate Emotions and Honor the Memory of Loved Ones

If you’re seeking solace, guidance, and hope in the midst of grief, this episode is for you. Tune in to discover how Sheila Clemenson’s journey can illuminate your path from grief to growth.