From the Grace Rand Website: Sheila Clemenson is a seasoned transition coach and best-selling author who discovered how to create a sanctuary for those facing difficult situations, guiding them to grow and move forward. Sheila knows the pain of grief all too well, losing her father to suicide and her first husband to ALS.

Together, we unravel the complex tapestry of emotions that grief encompasses—sadness, anger, anticipatory grief—and how to coexist with these feelings rather than attempting to conquer them.

Sheila’s insights reveal that grief extends beyond the death of loved ones and that it can also stem from significant life changes, such as the end of a relationship or losing a job.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The multifaceted nature of grief and how emotions manifest and evolve
  • Strategies for managing grief constructively
  • Methods for maintaining emotional and physical boundaries
  • The value of resources like meditation apps and energy medicine
  • How society’s discomfort with grief leaves individuals isolated
  • How to handle hurtful comments and toxic positivity
  • The importance of supportive management in the workplace

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