Welcome to a deeply poignant episode featuring Sheila Clemenson, the Founder/CEO of Transitions Coaching Services, LLC, a seasoned professional with over 25 years of expertise dedicated to “moving you forward” through challenging transitions.

Sheila is not just a Certified Career Coach and HR Consultant but also a Grief Wellness professional, offering profound insights into navigating life’s complexities.

Her book is set to be available on October 19th, Sheila’s new book, “Over the Rainbow: From the Depths of Grief to Hope,” extends beyond being a guide through the grief journey; it’s a heartfelt love letter from someone who intimately understands the profound pain of loss.

Having been a caregiver for several years and experiencing the loss of her first husband, Grant, at a young age to ALS, Sheila found herself in the depths of grief.

This book stands as a testament to Sheila’s journey and wisdom accumulated over years of healing. It’s crafted to be a companion in grief, combining personal experiences, practical exercises, and suggestions to help you navigate the labyrinth of loss.

“Over the Rainbow” serves as an affirmation that, guided by Sheila’s insights, you too can overcome challenging losses, bringing your loved one’s memories forward in new and meaningful ways.

As you progress, be prepared for potential mystical messages from your loved ones, akin to unexpected rainbows, illuminating your path forward in life.

Join us for an enriching conversation as we explore the profound wisdom Sheila Clemenson brings to the challenging terrain of grief and the hope embedded in her forthcoming book.