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From The Beautiful Side of Grief Podcast:

“I truly believe caregivers are unsung heroes! That is why it is a privilege to talk with Sheila Clemenson who became a caregiver for her husband early into their relationship at the age of 26, when he was diagnosed with ALS. In this raw, authentic conversation we talk abut some of the tougher aspects of being a caregiver – the people pleasing trait, the guilt, the lack of self-care, and what happens after your loved one transitions. We also talk about getting a support network around us, finding the beauty in grief, the happiness, and allowing ourselves to have hope and dreams once again. If you’ve been having it tough in your grief, chances are you will have no problem connecting with this episode or with Sheila’s recently released book – Over The Rainbow: From the Depths of Grief to Hope.

Sheila’s Bio

Sheila Clemenson is the Founder/CEO of Transitions Coaching Services, LLC with over 25 years of expertise “moving you forward” through challenging transitions. She is a Certified Career Coach, HR Consultant and Grief Wellness professional.

Her book: Over the Rainbow: From the Depths of Grief to Hope is not just a book to support you through your grief journey, it’s a heartfelt love letter from someone who has been there. Sheila Clemenson, the author, is no stranger to the profound pain of loss. After being a caregiver for several years and losing her first husband, Grant, at a young age to ALS, she fell into the grief pit herself.

This book is the culmination of Sheila’s journey and wisdom over the years of healing, written to be your companion in grief. Through her personal experiences, practical exercises, and suggestions, you’ll navigate the labyrinth of loss.

It’s an affirmation that you too, can overcome challenging losses in your life, and bring your loved one’s memories forward in new ways. You may even experience mystical messages from your loved ones that surprise you, much like rainbows, as you move forward in your life.


I was stumbling around in the dark looking for the light switch in my underwear for years.” ~ Sheila Clemenson


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