In this episode, we had an enlightening conversation exploring the journey through grief, caregiving, and finding hope after loss.

Five Essential Key Takeaways

  • The Challenge of Finding Mental Health Support: We discussed how difficult it can be to find a good therapist, especially when dealing with mental health issues within a family. The process often involves long waitlists and mismatches, making services like BetterHelp a valuable alternative.
  • Embracing Community Support: I emphasized how my community in Kauai played a crucial role in supporting me and Grant during his illness. The island’s unique spirit and culture provided a nurturing environment that helped us through their toughest times.
  • Anticipatory Grief and Caregiving: I  shared my experience of marrying Grant, knowing he had a terminal illness. I highlighted how anticipatory grief and caregiving transformed our relationship, making me more of a caregiver than a spouse over time.
  • Healing Through Writing: Writing my book, “Over The Rainbow: From The Depths of Grief to Hope,” was a therapeutic process. It allowed me to process my grief and share my journey, offering hope and guidance to others in similar situations.
  • Finding New Love and Moving Forward: My story of finding love again with my current husband, Sean, illustrates that it’s possible to move forward and find happiness after profound loss. Sean’s ability to hold space for Grant’s memory has been a significant part of our relationship.

“You don’t ever stop being a widow. Even when you get married to somebody else and you build a new life, you bring your loved one forward with you.” – Sheila Clemenson

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